Signs You Need a Mouth Guard Right Away

Signs You Need a Mouth Guard Right Away

Do you clench and grind your teeth every night while asleep?

If yes, then you’re suffering from a condition medically termed as ‘bruxism’.

According to the statistics revealed by the National Sleep Foundation, as much as 8% of the adults suffer from this disorder. Ranging from infrequent soreness to persistent grinding, bruxism can be painful and hard-hitting.

Whether you’ve been grinding teeth recently, or have been dealing with it as a constant habit, it’s usually hard to tell if it is a serious predicament. If you encounter one or more of the following, it may be an occasion to see your dentist and be advised to get a mouth guard for bruxism.

Here are some signs that are also warnings for you to get a mouth guard right away:

You Have a Chipped Tooth

Apart from requiring repair and dental care for a chipped tooth, it’s important to know that the chipped tooth itself is a major sign of worsening bruxism. When your teeth come into contact and move back and forth while grinding, it puts a lot of pressure and stress on the enamel.

Needless to mention, this can be really damaging for your oral health. Fixing this problem can be quite expensive and can eventually lead to the formation of cavities. So, speak with your dentist and obtain a mouth guard before the condition worsens.

You Have Chronic Grinding Issues

People who periodically suffer from bruxism tend to encounter teeth grinding sessions at intervals and mostly because of an underlying stress, such as work-related concerns.

However, if your bruxism is persistent – where you grind teeth almost every night – you should get a mouth guard on dentist’s recommendation right away. Despite the fact that it will not put a stop to the definite clamping of your jaw, a mouth guard will most certainly reduce the effects on your teeth.

You Wake Up With a Headache

Every morning, do you get a feeling that you’ve had a really bad headache all night? It probably could be a result of teeth grinding.

Remember, a mouth guard won’t end teeth grinding; however, it will surely help. Discuss with your dentist and find out what options are available and viable for you.

According to Medline Plus, alleviation exercises can help you unwind yourself at night before going to bed. This can drastically reduce your tendency to grind teeth at night. Moreover, your dentist can propose additional ways to curtail teeth grinding.

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