Dental Bridges

Cosmetic Bridges Inspire Smiles

When one or more adjacent teeth are missing, dental bridges are a cosmetic solution that can get your smile back on track. Dr. Fotinos is an award-winning dentist who offers cosmetic bridge options to help Orange County clients conquer the physical and emotional effects often experienced with tooth loss.

Dental Bridges

What Are Dental Bridges?

Gaps created by tooth loss are history, thanks to the restorative options provided by cosmetic bridges. Designed to replace one or more missing adjacent teeth, there are different types of dental bridges available. Not only do bridges help your smile look better, but they also restore the function of your bite and improve oral comfort.

Option 1: The Removable Bridge

Considered the most affordable choice by many, the removable bridge does its job without much fanfare. Many times, complex dental situations require a removable option. While the replacement tooth matches the surrounding natural teeth, the metal clasps that hook onto the nearby support teeth are visible. For this reason, many people opt for a fixed bridge if their dental situation allows.

Option 2: The Fixed Bridge

Fixed bridges are the way to go when you want no visible evidence of missing teeth. They are bonded in place and offer more stability than a removable bridge, plus, there are no unsightly metal clasps. Depending on your needs, bridges may be made entirely of porcelain or composite, or either of the two fused to special metal alloys for strength. Traditional cosmetic bridges rely on healthy teeth (abutments) for support. They can also be attached to dental implants. Keep in mind that natural teeth used as anchors will be crowned.

What Can I Expect?

Two visits are usually all that is needed for placement of cosmetic bridges in Orange County. During the first visit, anchor teeth have enough enamel removed for crown placement. Detailed impressions are taken for two purposes. A temporary bridge will be made in-office, and a permanent version is made in the dental laboratory. The second visit involves the fitting and adjustment of the permanent bridge. Once the patient and dentist are satisfied, the bridge is cemented in place. Dr. Fotinos and his team will send you home with routine care instructions to keep your cosmetic bridge and the surrounding teeth and gums healthy.