Periodontal Laser Therapy

Dr. Christopher J Fotinos Brings State-of-the-Art Laser Technology to Periodontal Therapy in Orange County

Periodontal disease affects the surrounding gums, teeth, and bone. A build-up of plaque and tartar between the gumline and roots allows bacteria to pool in the resulting space. As the bacterial infection worsens, gum disease transitions from gingivitis to periodontitis and can eventually cause tooth loss. It is our job to stop gum disease in its tracks, and then boost the growth of healthy gum tissue.

Periodontal treatment may be prescribed to halt the progression of gum disease. During a gingivectomy, only diseased tissue is removed. A gingivoplasty involves reshaping oddly shaped or overgrown gums and often naturally follows a gingivectomy.

Laser therapy helps eliminate the need for gum grafting for many patients because it stimulates the regenerative nature of gum tissue. The precision of the lasers ensures patients that only damaged or diseased tissue is removed.

Laser gingival tissue sculpting is a minimally invasive laser procedure used to help improve oral health and revitalize your smile. Remove and resculpt excess and uneven gum tissue for a picture-perfect smile.

Laser periodontal pocket antimicrobial debridement eliminates the drilling and scraping associated with traditional dental tools. Because laser periodontal treatment offers antimicrobial benefits, bacteria is effectively eliminated.

Laser soft tissue crown lengthening goes one step beyond gingival sculpting by including gentle recontouring of bone tissue. Combining treatments turns gummy smiles into bright, white smiles with more of the natural tooth surface exposed.

Laser Therapy Rejuvenates Smiles

Benefits of laser periodontal therapy include reduced swelling and bleeding during treatment compared with traditional options. More of the healthy gum and tooth structure is left intact. Many patients tolerate laser therapy with little to no anesthesia. Early detection is key to minimizing the progress of periodontal disease. Dr. Fotinos provides exceptional services to his patients in order to support the retention of natural teeth.

Advances in dental technologies make laser therapy available to more people. If you are tired of bleeding, swollen gums, give the team at our practice a call, or request an appointment, to discuss whether you will benefit from laser-based periodontal therapy. We are here to provide dental screenings for patients dealing with periodontal concerns. Dr. Fotinos and his team work together to improve the overall oral health of their patients.