Dental Cleaning & Periodontal Scaling

Dental Cleaning & Periodontal Scaling

Although dental cleanings are simply routine procedures, they’re incredibly important to your health. Preventative dental care at Dr Christopher J. Fotinos Cosmetic & General Dentistry is designed to prevent and treat gum disease while preserving oral health. In addition to brushing and flossing after each meal, scheduling professional dental cleanings every four to six months is an essential part of your dental regimen. With regular dental exams and cleanings, you’ll maintain optimal oral health and keep your costs low.

Dental Cleaning & Periodontal Scaling


During a teeth cleaning appointment, Dr Fotinos or Dr Rosales  evaluates the patient’s teeth, gums and bone, looking for any signs of concern such as tooth damage, cavities, gum swelling, infection or discoloration. The dentist will also perform a simple oral cancer screening by palpating soft tissues around the neck and intraorally under the tongue and floor of the mouth. Your dental examination is also an excellent opportunity to discuss any symptoms, oral health concerns or cosmetic questions you have with the dentist.

Periodontal Scaling

Tartar, plaque and calculus create uneven surfaces and pockets where harmful bacteria can stick to teeth and thrive, leading to gum tissue infection and bone loss termed “periodontal disease”.The area to be scaled is numbed with a deep penetrating gel or injection depending on the severity, so there is no sensitivity during treatment. We use ultrasonic scaling tools to target this buildup on the surface, below the gum line, and along roots. Then thoroughly “Hand Scale” the roots to achieve a glassy smoothness that deters bacterial growth. Throughout the procedure, we irrigate the area below the gum line with an antimicrobial agent. There is relatively no healing time, with an occasional mild soreness after the anesthesia dissipates. 

Laser-Assisted Periodontal Therapy

When periodontal scaling just isn’t enough to manage current bacterial levels or the gum tissue needs more stimulation in the healing process, laser-assisted periodontal therapy is the most noninvasive treatment of choice. The laser emits thermal energy through a small, fiber optic tip between the teeth and the gums. This energy eliminates the bacteria at or below the gum-line and aids in removing the infection. Research shows this therapy produces faster healing by stimulating circulation and the formation of collagen fibers while reducing inflammation and bleeding leading to a greater improvement in overall gingival health.
Dental Polishing​ at Orange California


Mild dental abrasives polish and clean gently around each tooth, including the areas between teeth and along the gum line. Polishing not only removes plaque but stains that can attract bacteria and also affect the appearance of the teeth.

At-Home Care Advice

Based on the appearance and health of your teeth and gums, dental hygienists identify areas where brushing and flossing are not being performed properly. We counsel patients on proper oral hygiene techniques and will point out areas that could use some extra attention between dental appointments.

Dental X-Rays​ at Orange California

Dental X-Rays

Prior to starting the dental cleaning, dental x-rays might be taken. Dental x-rays are taken on an annual basis or when a patient is experiencing a problem. They allow us to diagnose and detect issues that can’t be seen with the visually because they might be occurring inside a tooth or in the bone surrounding it. They also help us evaluate and track tooth development in young patients and changes in adults. Never forgo your Dental X-Rays, they are one of the most important tools a dentist has to diagnose and treat the dentition and bone and always should be taken when due.

How Often Should I Have My Teeth Professionally Cleaned?

To maintain optimal oral health and prevent the accumulation of harmful bacteria, healthy adults and children should have a professional dental cleaning every six months. Patients with additional health concerns, such as diagnosed periodontal disease, might need to visit the dentist for more frequent gum tissue therapy appointments( every 3 to 4 months) to keep plaque, tartar, and bacteria in check in areas of the mouth which they no longer have access to due to bone loss.
If you’re due for your next dental exam and cleaning, we welcome you to schedule an appointment with Dr Fotinos or Dr Rosales in Orange, CA today.
Professional teeth cleaning at orange california

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