Worn Dentition

Worn Dentition

The average tooth has about 1.5mm of enamel covering its interior. On average with normal wear and tear, teeth lose about 0.01mm of enamel annually. So, with regular dental care, teeth can last a lifetime. However, due to additional factors teeth sometimes wear down much more quickly, leading to a dental condition known as worn dentition.

What Is Worn Dentition?

Worn dentition, also called tooth wear or erosion, is characterized by a pathological loss of tooth structure that occurs for reasons other than normal tooth decay.

Signs and Symptoms of Worn Dentition

Worn dentition is primarily marked by the loss of tooth enamel. As a result, patients often experience:
Worn dentition, however, is not a purely cosmetic concern. Patients with extremely worn teeth also experience:

What Causes Worn Dentition?

Three factors can contribute to a person’s teeth wearing down more quickly than normal. These include:


Wear and tear caused by tooth-to-tooth contact is called attrition. The progressive loss of tooth structure due to attrition is usually associated with bruxism or sleep bruxism. The type of grinding or clenching associated with bruxism can be related to temporomandibular joint disorders, sleep apnea, stress, genetics, and more.


Worn dentition caused by foreign objects is called abrasion. This can occur due to brushing too hard or chewing on ice or other hard objects.


The loss of tooth structure due to chemical factors is called erosion. Tooth erosion can occur as a result of acid gastric reflux disorders, consuming highly acidic foods and drinks, or even due to vomiting. Most patients with pathologically worn dentition suffer from a combination of attrition, abrasion, and erosion.

Treatment Options for Worn Dentition

The recommended treatments for worn dentition depend on the extent of damage and include:

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