Root Canal Therapy

Dr. Fotinos is an award-winning dentist in Orange County, CA who utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to bring his patients the latest treatments available. Thanks to advances in dental technologies, teeth that would have been extracted in years past receive a new lease on “life.” At his practice in Orange, CA, Dr. Fotinos offers root canal therapy as a way to salvage broken, decayed, or infected teeth to restore natural form and function.


What is root canal therapy?

Each tooth relies on the nerve tissue in the roots to bring in nourishment and blood to keep it healthy. If this nerve tissue is damaged due to decay or infection, the tooth begins to die. Dentists work to save the tooth structure by completely removing the living tissues (pulp and nerves) from inside of the tooth. Any bacteria and decay are removed to give the tooth a fresh start. A special medicated dental material is used to fill the space to reinforce the natural structure of the tooth.

How will I know if I need root canal treatment?

  • If decay has reached the pulp, it is likely that root canal treatment is the best option. Pain or throbbing when you eat is a common indication the pulp has been exposed.
  • Infection in the tooth or an abscess at the root tip is present.
  • Injury or trauma that exposes the nerve tissue occurs.

What can I expect during root canal therapy?

  • A local anesthetic is given, and dentists establish access to the pulp.
  • Root canal length is measured.
  • Pulp, infection, and decay are removed.
  • The canal is shaped and sterilized before it is filled with special permanent material and sealed with gutta percha (sterile, plastic material).
  • The tooth is filed down, and a crown will likely be created to restore normal function.

How long will the root canal treatment last?

With proper dental hygiene and care, a root canal can last a lifetime. Because the nerve tissue has been removed, the natural tooth structure may become brittle over time. As long as the custom crown fits properly, it supplies sufficient protection to allow normal chewing. Root canal therapy provides relief from pain and sensitivity so residents of Orange County, CA can get back to enjoying their favorite foods.