Surgical Extractions

Surgical Tooth Extraction

Our Orange, CA dentists do everything they can to preserve a patient’s natural teeth. Sometimes, however, this simply isn’t possible, and one or more teeth will need to be extracted. Fortunately, modern dental instruments and technology have simplified the tooth extraction process, making it much more pleasant.

Why Do Teeth Need to Be Extracted?

We typically only recommended extraction as a last-resort option, when nothing can be done to preserve a natural tooth. Teeth require extraction for a variety of reasons including:

Simple Extraction vs. Surgical Extraction: What to Expect During a Tooth Extraction

Most extractions can be performed using just local anesthesia, and patients can recover within a few days.

Whether a tooth can simply be lifted out (simple extraction) or requires a slightly more complex surgical extraction depends on the anatomy of the tooth, the diagnosis, root angulation and access . For example, a tooth that’s visible and intact above the gum line can usually be removed with a simple extraction. A simple extraction results in faster healing and minimal to no downtime.

If a surgical extraction is needed, this will require more advanced techniques during removal, and can sometimes lead to slightly longer recovery times.

Experience Optimal Comfort with State-of-the-Art Instruments, Techniques, and a Full Suite of Sedation Dentistry Options

Our dentists use only the most advanced extraction techniques and instruments, which when compared to the past, create a much more comfortable experience for patients. Modern dental instruments result in less trauma to the extraction site, reduced swelling, mitigated post-operative pain, and improved recovery time.

Whether a simple extraction or surgical procedure is needed, we also offer patients a variety of sedation dentistry options to reduce stress and increase comfort during dental extractions.
Following an extraction procedure, we provide patients with specific post-operative care instructions, which allow us to work together to optimize recovery.

What’s the Cost of Surgical Tooth Extraction?

The cost of surgical tooth extraction depends on the patient’s individual needs and surgery. It will vary based on the number of teeth to be removed, the type of sedation used, and any potential surgical complexities.

During a patient’s initial assessment, we can more precisely determine the patient’s surgical needs, enabling our office to provide the patient with an estimate of costs.

Tooth Extraction Consultation with Our Top-Rated Dentists in Orange, CA

During your consultation, we’ll evaluate your teeth and inform you about their current condition, discussing the pros and cons of all available treatment options. Our dentists will help you make the best decision for your oral health and ensure you understand what to expect from a modern, comfortable extraction procedure.

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