Is Your Child Brushing Their Teeth? Pick These Clues

Is Your Child Brushing Their Teeth? Pick These Clues

Wouldn’t it be great if, as parents, you had eyes behind your head? What you really want to do, as parents, is closely watching over your kids, and ensure their wellbeing.

Tooth brushing is frequently the primary duty you assign to your child. Besides, it is just another job onto which your child may decide to employ his/her freedom.

In most cases, children tend to take tooth brushing offhandedly as it becomes a regular practice. Over time, they may develop a tendency to skip it often.

Here are some clues to find out that your child has been skipping his/her teeth brushing sessions:

Your Child Brushes Teeth Too Quickly

If you’re thinking that your child’s teeth are too small and will only require a moment of cleaning, you’re wrong.

Children with smaller teeth require brushing for at least 2 minutes. So, if you find out that your child is gets done with teeth brushing swiftly, talk to them about the significance of brushing and how cleaning every part of the mouth is vital. Help them create a pattern or follow to brush teeth with attention.

You See a Dry Toothbrush in the Holder

It’s pretty easy to identify a toothbrush that hasn’t been soaked with water. If your child’s toothbrush is dry, it’s a clear sign that he/she hasn’t brushed teeth. Therefore, make it a practice to follow up your child to find in case they need to be explained of warned.

You See Food Particles in Your Child’s Teeth

The presence of food particles in your child’s teeth is another sign of no or inappropriate brushing.

Whenever your child comes out of the bathroom asserting that he/she’s done, ask them to smile for you. If you find remains of food particles, ask your child to properly brush the teeth to completely do away with any food particles.

Your Child Has a White Tongue

Typically, tongues that are white are plainly so because of the bacteria that’s breeding on it. When you remove those bacteria, your tongue comes out clean and pink. So, if your child’s tongue is still white post the teeth brushing session, ask them to clean their tongue, in addition to the teeth, for comprehensive dental care.

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