Could COVID-19 Be Affecting Your Dental Health?

Could COVID-19 Be Affecting Your Dental Health?

To say the very least, the novel coronavirus has turned our lives upside-down. While living your best pandemic life, have you stopped to consider how the novel coronavirus or the pandemic lifestyle has affected your dental health?
Although more research is needed to understand the connections between COVID-19, the pandemic lifestyle, and observed oral health trends, it does seem clear that our dental well-being could be at stake.

How COVID-19 Could Be Harming Your Dental Health

Dental Issues Possibly Related to COVID-19


General Effects of the Pandemic on Dental Health

Keep Up with Your Dental Care Routine

The best thing you can do to offset the negative effects of the pandemic is to keep up with your oral healthcare and hygiene routine. Continue brushing and flossing twice a day and don’t skip your regular dental exam and cleaning. At Dr. Christopher J. Fotinos Dr. Randy A. Rosales Cosmetic & General Dentistry, we’re taking extra precautions in our dental clinic to keep all of our patients and staff safe and healthy while continuing to provide complete dental care.