Why Did I Get So Many Cavities All at Once?

Every once in a while, we see a patient who has always had strong, healthy teeth and rarely experienced dental problems who suddenly develops several cavities at the same time. So, what’s the deal?
Most often in these cases, the patient has usually undergone a significant or slight change to their lifestyle or routine that is negatively affecting their oral health.

5 Common Reasons Why You're Suddenly Getting Cavities

1. Stress

Stress isn’t just mentally tough, it’s also physically daunting, as it affects our physiology as well as our mental health. Stress can increase inflammation throughout the body – including inside your mouth – and this can contribute to tooth decay. Also, stress sometimes causes teeth grinding which leads to chipped or cracked teeth where bacteria intrudes and causes tooth decay.

2. Dry Mouth

Whether you’re jogging more, wearing a mask all day every day, taking a new medication, or not drinking enough water, dry mouth means you’re not producing enough saliva. As a result, acids from bacteria stick to your teeth longer, leading to tooth decay. Additionally, adequate saliva production is essential to the proper demineralization of teeth.

3. Dietary Changes

You might be eating more sugary foods, adding a packet of sugar to your coffee, sipping sugary and acidic soda, or drinking carbonated water. Or perhaps, you’re suddenly not getting enough minerals in your diet. These types of changes can compromise your tooth enamel and tooth health, leading to the development of cavities.

4. Illness

If you’ve had a cold or the flu, you’re likely sucking on plenty of cough drops. Throat lozenges tend to be high in sugar and spend a lot of time in the mouth. As a result, your teeth are exposed to sugar and bacteria-produced acids for longer, too. This breaks down your enamel and causes tooth decay.

5. Lapsed Habits

Good oral hygiene is essential to cavity prevention. Brush and floss twice a day and visit the dentist regularly.

Treat and Prevent Cavities With Our Dentists in Orange

If you’ve suddenly been diagnosed with several cavities when you always had a clean dental report before, our dentists at Dr. Christopher J. Fotinos & Dr. Randy A. Rosales Cosmetic & General Dentistry are here to help!
First, we’ll treat your cavities to give you a fresh start, and then we’ll work with you to get to the bottom of the reason why you’re suddenly experiencing more dental problems than usual. Once we’ve determined the cause of the problem, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive preventative plan to maintain your oral health.