What You Need to Know About Clear Resin Infiltration

Normally, we associate dark spots on teeth with dental health concerns. White spots, however, can also indicate a problem occurring with a patient’s tooth enamel. These spots are known as white spot lesions.

What Are White Spot Lesions?

White spot lesions are spots on the teeth that appear whiter or brighter than the surrounding tooth. They are spots where the tooth enamel’s delicate, lattice-like structure has been exposed and weakened. White spot lesions not only result in uneven coloring, but they also make the teeth more susceptible to decay.

What Causes White Spot Lesions?

Teeth are made up of a variety of minerals such as calcium and fluoride. Each day, teeth undergo processes of mineralization, demineralization, and remineralization during which acids inside the mouth break down the mineral structure of the teeth and the body subsequently replaces the minerals either internally (in developing teeth) or externally through saliva production.
White spot lesions develop when tooth enamel is not able to properly undergo the processes of mineralization and/or demineralization whether due to a congenital disorder, disease, or as a result of the long-term effects of orthodontic appliances.

What Is Clear Resin Infiltration?

Clear resin infiltration is a white spot lesion treatment that involves applying a low-viscosity resin to the affected area of a tooth. The resin infiltrates the weakened enamel, hardens, and fortifies the surface of the tooth.

What Are the Benefits of Clear Resin Infiltration?

Clear resin infiltration is both a conservative and effective option for removing white spot lesions. Plus, it offers many benefits when compared to other treatment options such as dental fillings or veneers.

White Spot Lesion Treatment With Clear Resin Infiltration in Orange, CA

If you have one or more white spot lesions affecting the look of your smile, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with one of our dentists in Orange, Dr. Christopher J. Fotinos or Dr. Randy A. Rosales. We can examine your teeth, discuss your smile restoration goals, and provide you with a variety of treatment options for improving the look, feel, form, and function of your smile.
To learn more about white spot lesions and treatment with clear resin infiltration, we welcome you to contact our office today.