Dealing With Dental Anxiety Head-On

Dealing With Dental Anxiety Head-On

Ease Dental Anxiety Gently

As cliché as it sounds, stay positive when talking about your upcoming trip to the dentist. Gentle reminders of the benefits of regular dental exams and professional cleanings help focus your attention on the positive aspects of quality dental care in Orange, CA. Dr. Christopher J. Fotinos and his dedicated team focus on the comfort of their patients. Sedation dentistry gives you the option to sleep through your procedure. Computerized anesthesia renders the experience virtually pain-free.

Common Causes of Dental Anxiety

Work Through Dental Anxieties With the Help of Your Orange County Dentists

We support your dental journey through positive communications which help remind you of upcoming appointments. We understand that it can be difficult to follow through with dental work when dental anxieties flare. Give us a call with any questions or concerns you may have.
Some patients find comfort in receiving clear explanations of dental procedures like root canals, so they are not taken by surprise. Others prefer not to know the details in an effort to combat their dental anxiety. Your Orange County dentists will work with you to adapt to your needs in the office. Consider developing a signal that will let your dentist know when you need a break. Don’t be embarrassed by dental fear. It is more common than you think.

Sedation Dentistry to Suit Your Needs

Analgesics block physical pain during dental procedures. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is a mild inhaled sedative that allows patients to relax while remaining fully cognizant of their environment. Oral sedatives such as Valium (diazepam) may be taken about 30 minutes before a procedure to help patients feel calm and relaxed. Oral sedatives do tend to cause drowsiness that lingers for hours since they work by relaxing the central nervous system.
If the thought of a dental visit overwhelms you, perhaps a combination of oral and I.V. sedation is in order. The oral meds begin the job by relaxing patients enough to get them to their appointment, and then I.V. meds take over and put them to sleep for the duration of the procedure. Give us a call at 714-538-5182 to discuss our multi-level approach to dental anxieties.