What’s the Difference Between a Surgical Extraction and a Regular Tooth Extraction?

The number-one priority of our dentists is always to preserve a patient’s natural teeth. Sometimes, however, saving a natural tooth simply isn’t possible and extraction is necessary to prevent more serious oral health problems, such as severe infection, from developing. Tooth extraction is necessary when a natural tooth is damaged beyond repair as a result of injury, disease, or decay.
Other times, a tooth might be in good condition but need to be extracted in order to preserve the health of the surrounding teeth. This is often the case with wisdom teeth that overcrowd other teeth or do not erupt completely.

Tooth Extraction vs. Surgical Tooth Extraction: What's the Difference?

When you need to have a tooth extracted, a dentist will either use a normal tooth extraction procedure or a surgical tooth extraction. The type of extraction procedure you need depends on your tooth’s condition.

Regular Tooth Extraction

A regular extraction is possible when a patient’s tooth (and its roots) is intact and strong enough to stay intact during the extraction process. To extract a tooth in this way, a dentist first numbs the local treatment area to ensure the patient experiences no pain during the extraction. The dentist then uses special tools to wiggle the tooth and its root system free from its place in the jawbone. Once loose enough, the dentist pulls the tooth.

Surgical Tooth Extraction

Surgical tooth extraction is a slightly more complex procedure that is necessary when a tooth or its roots are fractured or not strong enough to stay intact during extraction. The specific process of surgical tooth extractions varies from case to case, depending on the patient’s unique situation and the condition of their tooth.
Depending on the procedure, a surgical extraction might occur with local anesthesia or with the patient under general anesthesia, and incisions might need to be made in the gum tissues to ensure all pieces of the tooth are removed.

Restorative Dentistry and Tooth Replacement Treatment Options in Orange, CA

In addition to performing tooth extractions of all kinds, our dentists, Dr. Christopher J. Fotinos and Dr. Randy A. Rosales are highly experienced in a variety of restorative and cosmetic dental treatments that are designed to completely restore a patient’s smile – no matter how many teeth they’ve had extracted. If you’re missing one or more teeth, we welcome you to schedule a smile restorative consultation with one of our dentists in Orange, CA. We can recommend a personalized treatment plan designed to help you achieve your smile goals.