Flash Your Brightest Smile Yet with KöR Teeth Whitening

Flash Your Brightest Smile Yet with KöR Teeth Whitening

Genetics, age, illness and your diet can all affect how pearly and white your pearly-whites actually are. But no matter the reason why your teeth are not as white as you would like them to be, KöR Whitening can significantly brighten them – even if other whitening treatments have not worked so well in the past. With KöR’s teeth whitening system, you can flash the smile of your dreams in time for your wedding, graduation or job interview and, with KöR’s permanent results, you will enjoy smiling with greater confidence in the near future and beyond.

What Is KöR Teeth Whitening?

KöR is a teeth whitening system which, according to its website produces “predictably exceptional whitening results” with every patient every time it is used. After six months of using this system in our office, we can say with direct experience that the product lives up to its guaranteed claims.

What Makes KöR Whitening Different from Other Methods?

Like other whitening systems, KöR Whitening administers peroxide gels and whitening agents in trays. Unlike other companies offering teeth whitening systems, KöR found a way to stabilize and preserve the whitening compounds in its chemical makeup through proprietary formulation and a unique refrigerated system for storage. In addition, the KöR Whitening system uses trays which have been custom molded to fit a user’s individual bite to ensure the whitening agent is applied evenly over the entire surface of every tooth. The system also includes a powerful desensitizer to ensure a pain-free process – even when using refrigerated whitening gels taken straight out of the ice box.

Four Treatment Lines to Meet Individual Whitening Needs

Part of KöR’s success is the patient and dentist’s ability to select a treatment level customized to address specific whitening and sensitivity needs. The company offers four levels of treatment:
These treatment plans vary in length from two to as many as eight weeks for completion and combine treatments administered at home and in the dentist’s office.

Smile Your Brightest with Regular Dental Care and Cosmetic Dentistry

In addition to KöR Whitening, we also offer patients comprehensive cosmetic dentistry. If you would like a brighter, whiter, straighter, more dazzling smile, ask Dr. Fotinos whether KöR teeth whitening or our other cosmetic dentistry services are right for you during your next appointment.