ClearCorrect Orthodontics 6 Month Journey – Weeks 5-6

ClearCorrect Orthodontics 6 Month Journey – Weeks 5-6

Hello Everyone,

My name is Mackenzie, and I am the Dental Hygienist at Dr. Fotinos’ Dental Office. My journey with ClearCorrect (clear liner therapy orthodontics) is underway and it will take me about 6 months to complete my treatment and I will be filling you in along the way…

Week 5:

I just had my first set of engagers (composite buttons) placed on my teeth and it’s definitely a different feeling. It seems like the engagers will take some getting used to. I just put my aligners in with the engagers for the first time and they feel tight. I think my teeth are already moving!

The first few times I tried to take out my aligners with my new engagers in place, it was challenging. My teeth were sore, the aligners were tight, so it made the process harder. After a few days, the easier it was to remove them, as I knew my teeth were moving which made aligners looser.

Food likes to gather around the engagers when I eat so I always am reminded to brush and floss afterward, which is also great for my oral hygiene.

Week 6:
The engagers on my teeth remind me to put my aligners back in after I eat.

My aligners are already starting to feel loose, which is encouraging, because they were very tight just a few days ago. It’s promising to know that the more I wear my aligners, the faster my treatment will be completed. It’s a great way to see if I am staying on track…