ClearCorrect Orthodontics 6 Month Journey – Weeks 1-2

ClearCorrect Orthodontics 6 Month Journey – Weeks 1-2

Hello Everyone,
My name is Mackenzie, and I am the Dental Hygienist at Dr. Fotinos’ Dental Office. I just started my journey with ClearCorrect (clear liner therapy orthodontics) and it will take me about 6 months to complete my treatment and I will be filling you in along the way…

Stay tuned!

Week One:

Day 1: After putting my first set of aligners in, they felt tight and my teeth were sore, so I knew they were already starting to do their job. This day is the most difficult day, as it was hard enunciating certain words, but the more I talked, the more comfortable they felt. As soon as I got used to talking with them, they became a part of me.

Day 5: The aligners have become a part of my daily routine. It is to the point now where I need to wear them all the time or I feel like something is missing. It’s a great feeling as I am so excited to see and feel the end result!

Day 7: One week in and my teeth feel great! The best part about having them, is that my friends and family haven’t noticed them unless I have told them about it! This makes me feel confident in my speech and I realize it hasn’t changed the way I look.

Day 8: I have realized the aligners are extremely easy to keep clean. After I have brushed my teeth, I use my toothbrush (without toothpaste, because the abrasives in the toothpaste may scratch the aligners) in and around my aligners to keep them plaque free! It keeps my teeth and aligners feeling fresh and clean!