With several years of experience under his belt, Dr. Fotinos provides the highest standard dental implants in Orange County, California. As one of Southern California’s “Super Dentists” for 2015, Dr. Fotinos offers long lasting solutions to tooth loss.

Natural looking dental implants

We strive to offer superior quality dental implants at economical prices to our patients. From single to multiple teeth, Dr. Fotinos can replace missing teeth with flawless, natural looking dental implants. In order to deliver painless procedure, we use state-of-the-art equipment in the most comfortable setting in Orange County.

Individualized treatment plan

After scheduling a consultation at Dr. Fotinos, we evaluate your teeth to help us diagnose a suitable treatment. Thereafter, we formulate a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan for you. We make sure that it suits your schedule. At Dr. Fotinos, we are deeply committed to you and your care. That is why we work together with you to develop the best dental implant treatment plan.

Treatment procedure

We offer a wide range of treatment options, including:

  • Replacement of a single tooth requiring one implant and a crown
  • Replacement of multiple teeth requiring implant-supported bridges
  • Replacement of all your teeth requiring an implant-supported full bridge or a full denture

Treatment plan that best fits your budget

We provide the most affordable treatment for implants in Orange County. With interest free financing of up to three years, you can expect the high value implants at the best price.

Nonetheless, each individual’s treatment needs is unique, therefore our team will discuss the total cost of your dental implant treatment plan. Of course, this will depend on the severity of your dental condition and the implants you choose. But, one thing is for sure, we will develop a treatment plan that best fits your budget.

Optimal personal care and customer service

We are dedicated to providing optimal personal care and customer service. If you have any concerns regarding your treatment plan, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will address your queries and concerns immediately. Furthermore, we also schedule periodic visits to examine the condition of your implants and teeth.