Dr. Fotinos offers the best teeth cleaning services in Orange County, CA. Having extensive expertise and experience in the dental industry, our experts provide highly effective scaling and polishing.

As soon as you approach our facility, our qualified staff will conduct a thorough examination of your teeth.

After that, we determine a suitable treatment that suits your budget.

We do not just clean your teeth thoroughly, but also uncover the real cause of your problem. Our staff will also educate you on taking simple measures for keeping your teeth in perfect condition. From flossing to brushing, we will educate you about the right dental techniques for optimal dental and oral health.

Rich expertise, state-of-the-art dental tools

By combining state-of-the-art machinery with our staff’s rich expertise, we provide immediate results that last for years. Our knowledgeable, trained staff uses cutting edge ultrasonic tools and dental instruments to remove tartar, plaque and heavy stains.

Same day emergency appointments in a friendly atmosphere

At Dr. Fotinos, we strive to deliver excellent teeth cleaning solutions in a relaxed atmosphere. We welcome patients of all ages at our facility. Hence, our staff goes the extra mile to ensure every customer feels at ease at our facility. Since we value your time, we also provide same day emergency appointments for you to get faster access to quality dental services. Our dental facility is hygienic and well maintained.

Affordable financing

Dr. Fotinos provides low cost teeth cleaning services to suit every family’s budget. We want to ensure that everyone gains access to a full dental check up and teeth cleaning. Our facility offers affordable financing packages that you can avail any time.

Whether you are a chain smoker or need tips on keeping your teeth in impeccable condition, our certified staff has a solution for you. Apart from providing you and your family with in-depth teeth cleaning treatments, our staff will be in constant touch with you to monitor your progress.

Browse through our website to explore our wide range of teeth cleaning treatments and choose the one that suits your needs.