Cosmetic Make Overs

Need to beautify your smile? Looking for a solution to unattractive discolored or stained teeth? Dr. Fotinos provides full cosmetic makeovers in Orange County, CA. We offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry procedures to improve the appearance of your teeth.

Offering extensive dentistry services for a cosmetic make over.

Dr. Fotinos is your best source to a complete cosmetic dentistry services that deliver impeccable results. Our cosmetic dentistry services include, but are not limited to, filings, teeth whitening, bonding, veneers, dental implants, crowns, dental implants and orthodontics.

Our goal is to offer you cosmetic treatments that cater to your time, needs and budget.
During the initial consultation, we evaluate various factors to determine a personalized cosmetic treatment plan for each patient. These factors include the color and shape of their teeth, condition of their gums and lips – to name a few.

Performing safe, pain free procedures.

With the use of advanced and efficient technology and equipment, we are able to perform cosmetic procedures with safety. These tools also help us address a number of complex cosmetic issues.

We believe in a collaborative working approach and seek to establish long-term relationships with our patients. Hence, we listen to your insight, ideas and concerns to develop a pain free and dependable treatment plan. In addition, we will educate you about your specific cosmetic dentistry treatment plan every step of the way.

Sometimes, a dentist would recommend a different dental procedure before or instead of veneers. For instance, whitening might be a better choice for minor discoloration, and orthodontic methods could improve gaps and crooked teeth. Crowns are a similar option to porcelains, but they cover the entire tooth and are often preferable when there is a large amount of decay, or a lot of the tooth is missing from another cause.

Maintain your makeover.

Similar to other types of makeovers, cosmetic makeovers require maintenance and care. We welcome you to visit our dental care facility for regular treatments. We can guarantee you that our prices are the best in the business. To make sure Dr. Fotinos’ cosmetic makeover treatment costs do not exceed your budget, we offer interest free financing. You can also check out our latest deals on dental care services.

If you want to add a sparkle to your smile, contact Dr. Fotinos. Click here to learn more about our cosmetic makeover services. Our cosmetic makeover solutions are what you need to improve your teeth, mouth and smile!